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GM Free Cymru - About us

GM Free Cymru is a community pressure group based around Mathry, Pembrokeshire, which campaigns to keep Wales free of genetically-modified crops
Grŵp pwyso cymunedol wedi'i leoli yng ngyffiniau Mathri, Sir Benfro, yw Cymru ddi-GM ac mae'n ymgyrchu i gadw Cymru'n rhydd o gnydau wedi'u haddasu'n enetig


GM Free Cymru is an alliance of farmers, environmentalists, and other individuals who seek to use non-violent democratic means to keep Wales free of GM crops. Formed at the time of the successful protest movement at Mathry, the alliance has subsequently attracted support from all parts of Wales and further afield. We are a loose-knit organisation with no formal leadership. Groups of people work together in a variety of ways to promote our message.

We believe that the 'precautionary principle' should be invoked, and that GM crops should not be grown at a farm scale until much more is known about the risks involved.


  1. Find out more from our website.
  2. Write to your local supermarkets saying you do not wish to buy foods containing genetically modified ingredients. This is likely to be the most effective way of combating global GM business strategies.
  3. Lobby your Assembly Member and Member of Parliament and write to your local paper - we can supply you with information to put in your letters.
  4. Help raise awareness by organising local petitions and publicity events.

Tractor farmer leads protest
Tractor farmer leads protest
A west Wales farmer has made it to London by tractor in time to lead a protest against genetically modified crops.

"In decades hence, it would not surprise me to find historians looking back in horror at the cavalier and primitive genetic manipulations which we unleashed on an unsuspecting-and narrow minded-world. The permanent contamination of species with human-transfered genes is a plague to be avoided." Dr Marc Lappe( 1943-2005) Comments made when he was unable to attend Globalisation & Food Production - Safety, Ethics and Health in 2000

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever did". Margaret Mead 1901 - 1978

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