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Multinational companies are aggressively promoting genetically modified (GM) crops around the world, claiming that they are 'the way to feed the hungry'. These crops have had genes from other species added to them, in a haphazard and unpredictable process which often involves the use of bacteria and viruses.

Most GM crops are 'engineered' to be resistant to specific patented herbicides like glyphosate, some of which are highly toxic. Nobody knows for sure what the effects of these plantings or the herbicides will have on human health or on the environment. Agrochemical companies are manipulating and patenting living organisms, and are releasing GM crops into the environment on a large scale without having any idea what the long-term consequences may be, and without devising any means of controlling their spread or "recalling" them in case of disaster.



This all adds up to a system which is thoroughly corrupt, and which places public health and safety at risk. That is why GM Free Cymru, and many other organizations, are fighting for sound science and a GM regulatory system that places the public interest above the narrow commercial ambitions of the biotechnology multinationals.

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