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Sustainable Pulse Press release
2nd july 2014
All-Party Parliamentary Meeting Brings Dangers of Roundup into Public Focus
Earth Open Source
29th may 2014
GMO myths and truths report
GM Free Cymru
23rd May 2014
EFSA's public consultation on glyphosate is "entirely unfit for purpose"
Global GMO Free Coalition
21st May 2014
Global GMO Free Coalition Brings Together 4.5 Million People to Fight Biotech Industry Propaganda
16th May 2014 More moves against GMOs in China and Russia
Wall Street Journal -- China 16th May 2014 Claims That U.S. Soybeans Cause Infertility Stoke China's GMO Battle
16th May 2014 China sets its face against GM crops and food
13th May 2014 The GMO conspiracy
Paterson, Glover and GM industry join forces in a campaign of lies and deception
1st May 2014
GMOs in decline
GM Freeze
1st May 2014
GM Freeze slams new EC proposals relating to GMOs
Gene Watch
16th April 2014
UK Government Keeps Public in Dark over Secret GMO Deals
Aarhus University, Denmark 4th April 2014 Need for further studies of glyphosate herbicide
Daily Mail
16th March 2014
Daily Mail Expose of vested interests behind GMO Science Report
Press Notice from GM-Free Cymru 14 March 2014 GM Science Update slammed as "unadulterated propaganda"
11th March 2014
NGOs ramp up pressure on Paterson to ditch pro-GMO obsession
Press Release
13th February 2014
Paterson slammed for imminent GMO promo trip to Africa
6th February 2014
NIH journal publishes condemnation of Séralini retraction
The Ecologist
6th February 2014
GM crops are driving genocide and ecocide - keep them out of the EU!
13th January 2014
Seralini retraction -- a win for corporate bullies
Press Release
19th November 2013
UK Government will defend Monsanto in GMO court case brought by civil society groups
13th November 2013
Catholic Church stands firm against biotech/GMO lobby
27th October 2013
Socio-economic impact of growing GM corn
21st October 2013
No scientific consensus on GMO safety
2nd September 2013
Materials for GM research still hard to get
Press Release
16th July 2013
The US military + Monsanto: surveillance, intimidation and cyberattacks
Press Release
9th July 201
More nonsense on farmers' attitudes to GM crops
Press Release
20 June 2013
BT crops are losing the battle against superbugs
Press Release
20 June 2013
EC pushes Smartstax maize -- untested, unwanted and illegal
Press Release
12 June 2013
New research confirms serious health damage linked to GMO feed
Press Notice
23 May 201
EFSA seeks to kill off new EU research into GMO toxicity
21st May 2013
US State Dept is Monsanto's global marketing arm
3rd May 2013
University of Canterbury
EFSA rejects GM form of Corn used in NZ Food
1st May 2013 Science Media Centre invents more GM "good news" stories
24th April 2013
War on Want
War on Want slams Government's use of aid budget to promote biotech corporate agenda
17th March 2013
Occupy Monsanto
Argentinian GM soya and the epidemic of birth malformations
13th March 2013 GLYPHO-GATE
11th Mar 2013
GM Freeze
Hidden Viral Gene Found in GMOs: Q&A
Added February 23rd
GM Watch
Why has Lynas not retracted his Oxford speech on GMOs?
Added February 1st 2013 Monsanto slammed for highly defective application dossier on stacked GM maize
Addsed 23 January 2013
"GMO expertise: assessment process turns its back on science"
22 January 2013
GM-Free Cymru
Welsh Government Confirms GM-free Policy
Paris Match magazine
17 January 2013
The Price of Truth
Added 13th January 2013
Frédérique Baudouin
The covert war to discredit Seralini's study
19 December 2012
GM-Free Cymru
Cautious welcome for GMO Freeze in Europe
18th December 2012 GMO safety studies -- EU Parliament and Council start to get tough
11th December 2012
GM-Free Cymru
Environment Minister's "naive acceptance of GM fairytale"
8th December 2012
GM-Free Cymru

The corrupting of EFSA
14 November 2012 Hundreds of scientists defend Seralini against EFSA and other GM apologists
2 Nov 2012
Tages Woche (Switzerland)
Hilbeck on the corruption of GM science
9 November 2012
Earth Open Source
Regulatory approval of Roundup based on "don't look, don't see"
1st November 2012 EFSA -- hypocrisy, double standards and dodgy dealing on Seralini paper
8th October 2012
Press Notice
Revealed: how EFSA staff orchestrated "official" rebuttals of Seralini research
28 September 2012
Medscape France
Co-author of rat feeding study responds to criticisms
28 September 2012
The Guardian
The Seralini file -- at last some sense from a journalist
25 September 2012 Corinne Lepage MEP slams critics of the Seralini study
24th September 2012
NYR Natural News
UK media – a conspiracy of silence over GM health risks
19th September 2012
GM-Free Cymru
THE END OF MONSANTO? Purveyor of deadly poisons and toxic GM foods accused of "twenty years of cynical and persistent scientific corruption"
19th September 2012
GM-Free Cymru
"Dramatic" safety research findings threaten to wipe out global GM food industry
19th September 2012
GM toxicity:  We are all Guinea Pigs now!
19th September 2012
GM-Free Cymru
September 19 2012
Food and Chemical Toxicology
First peer reviewed lifetime feeding trial finds "safe" levels of GM maize and roundup can cause tumours and multiple organ damage
September 19 2012
ENSSER and Heinemann fight back after attack from GM hitmen
September 19 2012
Le Nouvel Observateur,
Yes, GMOs are poisonous!
13 August 2012
Egypt Independent
Egyptian experiments confirm that GM feed damages health
09 August 2012
Press Release
Complaint against EU authorisation of genetically engineered soybeans with stacked genes
Added 21st July 2012
Environmental Sciences Europe
Independent scientists fight back against concerted GM industry attack
19 Jun 2012
Animal feed news
GM-feed may harm the reproductive system of animals
Press release
20th May 2012
Revealed: Rothamsted scientist's role in destruction of key GM research
News added 10th May Another EFSA scandal -- chair is forced to resign
News added 8th May
North Dakota State Seed Dept
North Dakota farmers encouraged to use glyphosate-sprayed crops for feed, not seed
Press release
29th April 2012
Danish Whistle blowers reveal links between GM soy, Roundup and health damage in pig herds
Press release
10th February 2012
Pressure mounts on EC over "perverse science" used for GM approvals
Mother Jones
25th January 2012
Dow and Monsanto show the way to their GM chemical farming paradise
Mother Jones
23rd January 2012
Monsanto counts on utterly stupid farmers to buy its utterly useless GM corn


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