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Deformed piglets from Denmark -- glyphosate link confirmed

Date Added to website 4th August 2014

Note: This is the long-awaited report from the scientists who have been checking a sample (38 deformed piglets) from Ib Pedersen's Danish pig farm. As expected, they have found glyphosate residues in all of the animals -- with different concentrations in different organs. Another finding is that the deformed piglets from those breeding sow groups that had the highest number of deformed births per thousand had the highest glyphosate concentrations in them (information from Ib Pedersen). The piglets from sows which experienced higher concentrations of glyphosate in their feed had different malformations from those fed on feed contaminated to a lesser extent. This is as close as you are likely to get to a cause - effect relationship, but the authors are circumspect, stating: "The detection of such glyphosate concentrations in these malformed piglets could be an allusion to the cause of these congenital anomalies." They also call for further research; and of course we need to know what the glyphosate concentrations are in piglets which have no apparent abnormalities, and what the concentrations are in breeding sows and in boars as well. Multi-generational studies would be the ideal -- but of course the cost of a very large controlled experiment would be substantial, and is hardly likely to be carried by the Danish authorities, who have appeared to be in a state of denial about the effects of glyphosate. Let's not beat about the bush here -- we are talking here about Roundup, not just glyphosate. This article should be read together with our "Danish Dossier" from 2012, which can be found here:

and there are other relevant materials relating to Ib Pedersen's collected evidence here:

Monika Kruger, Wieland Schrodl, Ib Pedersen and Awad A Shehata, 2014. "Detection of Glyphosate in Malformed Piglets"
J Environ Anal Toxicol 2014, 4:5

Glyphosate residues in different organs and tissues as lungs, liver,
kidney, brain, gut wall and heart of malformed euthanized one-day-old
Danish piglets (N= 38) were tested using ELISA. All organs or tissues
had glyphosate in different concentrations. The highest concentrations
were seen in the lungs (Range 0.4-80 μg/ml) and hearts (Range 0.15-
80 μg/ml). The lowest concentrations were detected in muscles (4.4-
6.4 μg/g). The detection of such glyphosate concentrations in these
malformed piglets could be an allusion to the cause of these congenital
anomalies. Further investigations are urgently needed to prove or
exclude the role of glyphosate in malformations in piglets and other