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GM Food? No thanks...

Date Added to website 4th August 2014

GM Food? No thanks...

Why should anybody trust an industry which:

* routinely manipulates research results
* seeks to dismantle regulatory regimes
* prevents peer review of its safety tests and other experiments
* Seeks to keep dossier contents away from public scrutiny
* denies access to GM reference materials and seeds for independent researchers
* vilifies scientists who find out inconvenient things about GM varieties
* Exerts a veto over the publication of GM experiments
* uses spies and thugs to intimidate farmers
* pursues a policy of contamination by stealth
* employs secretive communications and pr bodies to promote the GM agenda
* attacks and disables web sites which seek to tell the truth about GM
* refuses to accept liability for harm associated with GM crop plantings or food / feed consumption
* routinely uses lies and deception in GM promotion
* systematically buys seed companies and takes local seed varieties out of the market-place

[The item above is taken from a Powerpoint presentation given by Brian John to a conference in Barcelona. In his talk he explained that the above points are widely acknowledged and fully supported in the literature -- see, for example, "GMO Myths and Truths". He also expressed his amazement that governments and regulators across the globe accept all of the fraudulent research and results presented by Monsanto, Syngenta et al at face value, without proper scrutiny, and that they continue not only to do business with them, but to actively promote their GMO agenda and their commercial aspirations. This is nothing short of a gigantic conspiracy, in which governments across the world are knowingly placing the health of their citizens at risk.]