GM Free Cymru

Seeds of Doubt

Seeds of Doubt is the first detailed look at what has happened in North America since the commercial growing of GM crops started in 1996.

This study has gathered sufficient evidence to debunk the myth that GM technology represents progress. The evidence suggests that, in reality, virtually every benefit claimed for GM food crops has not occurred.

Instead, farmers are reporting lower yields, continuing dependency on chemical sprays, loss of exports and, critically, reduced profits. This is leaving farming even more vulnerable to the interests of biotechnology companies and in need of subsidies.

The report makes disturbing reading at a time when a decision has to be made in the UK about the commercial introduction of GM crops. We hope our report will contribute to a better informed public debate and a more independent, less pressurised decision.

The government has asked its advisory body, the Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission (AEBC), to arrange a GM public debate. This will take place before any commercial growing of GM crops. This public debate is a crucial opportunity for organic food consumers, farmers, processors and retailers to tell the government what they think. We hope our report will be a helpful contribution.

What can I do?

Please read this summary of our report and if you share our concerns, there are two simple things you can do which will make a real difference:

Action 1:
Write to a national or local paper highlighting North American farmers' experiences of GM crops - we hope that the summary of the report will provide some information that you can use as a basis for your letter. Please remember to send a copy of any replies or published letters to us

Action 2:
Ring the customer care line of your local supermarket (list of numbers below). Tell them: