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GM crops do not increase yield

A lecture given by Ann Clark which shows that there are NO yield increases associated with the GM traits introduced into GM crops -- yield increases, where they occur, are down to conventionally bred characteristics which are deliberately incorporated into the same "GM packages." The non-GM isolines (which would boost yield anyway) are then deliberately not released onto the market -- which is something Monsanto and the other GM corporations can decide on quite cynically because they control the seed trade.

This point is deliberately ignored and misrepresented by the biotech industry. The spokesmen still pretend that they insert "yield enhancing" genes, which they patently do not.

Deconstructing Dinner

A one-hour radio programme is available on the site. From May 14th 2009. Streaming or download.

On increased yield -- 2nd half of the radio programme is Ann's lecture:

Go to 33 mins into the programme and the lecture follows......... this is the full URL nvb=20090804112650&nva=20090805113650&t=0b33d69055f708e1f28ff

Ann's web page: